Emmanuel Christian Fellowship in Walthamstow has its beginnings in the ministry of Sister Olive Knight, an English missionary to South India, who with the help of Emmanuel Christian Fellowship, Manor Park, eventually formed a church in 1986, and began to function as a branch of it under the name of Emmanuel Christian Fellowship – Walthamstow from 2005 led by Pastor M.S.Vasanthakumar. 

This church exists, 
  • To serve the people who attend church and the wider local community in Walthamstow
  • To reach out to the communities and teach the scriptures  and 
  • To help people in need by providing spiritual, moral,  physical and if necessary and feasible financial assistance.


We believe in God

One God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour;

the Bible as supreme authority for belief and behaviour;

salvation from sin by grace alone though faith alone.

We witness, to the British churches and people:

the value of traditional, godly, family life,

aiming at holiness and at pure relationships.

We witness, to the Tamil community:

the call of God to trust in Christ.

Christ is the One who has made forgiveness possible

because He has borne our punishment (karma) by dying on the cross.

Christ has been raised to life.  Christ will return as king.

We look forward to sharing His risen life,

no longer fearing hell (or a cycle of death and rebirth).

We warn people not to be greedy but to be generous to those in need.